Jake Shields To Take On Danis

Jake Shields is hoping to choke Dillon Danis when he faces him at upcoming SUG4.

He has been in legendary fights in MMA as well as succeeded in the art of grappling. In his forthcoming fight in May 14th he would be grappling with a young talent to show that he still has it in him.

Being a title contender in WSOF, Jake is looking to take on Dillon Danis who is a rising star. The fight would take place in Submission Underground 4. Being run by Chael Sonnen who is an MMA superstar, Submission Underground has become one of the popular places for grappling events. The venue is known to have stellar contests that feature stars in grappling as well as from MMA. SUG continues the trend and the upcoming fight will feature Danis and Shields. The latter states that he has already been contacted by different people for the match. Shields has decided to take on Danis as he is of comparable height to Shields and is an upcoming talent in the field.

There is little bad blood between the two stars and hence, it is a fresh fight that many will like to witness. Sonnen is known to promote SUG events successfully and the pairing between Shields and Danis has been a no brainer for him. Both are known to be great at grappling as well as have a back-story that can be related to by most MMA fans. Shields has been keeping up his grappling practices with jiu-jitsu along with competing in MMA events.

With grappling having its unique style and fighting challenges to offer, fans have a chance to watch a different style of fighting when SUG fights come on. This event will surely get quite a lot of the audience and viewership live and on online platforms.